If you've only connected Walkr to one social media account, you will not be able to disconnect. This is to prevent your Walkr game data from being deleted, since unlinking your social media account will also delete your Walkr account and all associated data! However, once you have connected Walkr to two or more social media accounts, you will be able to unlink one of them.

For example:
1. If you would like to unlink from your Facebook account, you can go to Walkr > Menu > Settings > Account Settings and link your Walkr account to another social media platform (e.g., Google)

2. You will then see a row of "Disconnect" buttons appear. Tap the one next to Facebook to unlink from that account

If you would like to change to a different account on the same platform (e.g., from Facebook A to Facebook B) please see "How can I change the social media account I link to Walkr?"