If you found that the account looks brand new and without history record after logging in to Fourdesire Play, it might be that you’ve used a different social media account to log in and created a new account.
To retrieve the old account, you can try the following steps in all Fourdesire apps:
Delete the app-> redownload the app -> go through newcomer’s guide -> log in via another one of your social media account or through a registered email.
If the old account cannot be retrieved, go to the Settings page in app, select “FAQ -> Contact us (top right corner)”to contact the customer service team.
When contacting us, please provide some descriptions to help us identify the problem faster:
1. The name of the old account. If you don’t remember the profile name, ask friends’ help to enter their “Social” page and screen shot your profile.
2. The Fourdesire ID of your old account
3. The email address you used to log in to the app
If some of the data from your account is missing, take a look at My data is lost.