The Walkr Space Team has been listening to its captains and we've decided that there can't ever be enough energy! If you'd like to get even more energy, you can subscribe to unlock the 5-seat Super Pilot function, allowing you to get additional energy equal to 80% of the energy your friends earn!

You can unlock the Super Pilot function by purchasing a monthly subscription in the App Store / Google Play Store. After tapping subscribe, be sure to confirm the subscription details and payment method!
Once you confirm, you will be automatically led through the App Store / Google Play Store subscription process.

Please note:
1. Super Pilot costs US$1.99 per month. After you subscribe the Apple iTunes / Google Play store will automatically renew your subscription to Super Pilot and charge your account a recurring monthly fee of US$1.99.

2. Automatic renewal of your subscription to Super Pilot occurs once a month. If you do not cancel your subscription during this period, your account will continue to be charged each month. For example: If you cancel your subscription on 11/1, you will still be charged for the month of November. However, starting in December you will no longer be charged for the subscription!