Hi, Captain. We know that accidentally losing account information is just as awful as losing something valuable or important in real life! Please check the links below to try and recover your account login information!

Facebook - Forgot Account Info
Google - Forgot Account Info
Weibo - Forgot Account Info
Twitter - Forgot Account Info

If you're able to recover your account information using one of the above links, congratulations! You can now use the steps below to recover your old game data within Walkr:
1. Delete and reinstall Walkr (this will remove all linked settings to ensure you don't link back to the wrong account).
2. Complete the tutorial and select your desired social media platform to log in.

If you forget the account name or which social media platform you were using previously, you can ask any of your friends also using Walkr to search for you in the Social > Ranking section and then take a screenshot. You can then go to Walkr > Menu > Settings > FAQ & Player Support > Account . Game Data > Tap any FAQ > Tap the chat icon in the top right to contact customer service and send us a message with the attached screenshot!