You may use two different Walkr accounts on the same device. When doing so, game data (for example, number of steps) will only be recorded on the account currently being used to log in.

However, we strongly suggest you DON'T use more than one Walkr account on the same device. This is because if any data from one account has not fully synced with our server when you switch to a different account, data loss may occur which we are unable to recover. Thanks for your understanding! :)

If you are certain you wish to switch accounts on the same device, please follow the steps below to ensure your data is properly synced:
  1. Account A: Close Walkr
  2. Account A: Connect to WiFi, open Walkr but don't do anything. Wait 2 minutes before proceeding.
  3. Account A: Use the settings page to switch to Account B.
*You may use the same steps to switch back from Account B to Account A.