You can watch ads on the Daily Gift page to get free energy cubes and food for your planets. Each day you can watch a maximum of 8 energy cube ads and 8 food ads.

The ads you see in Walkr are provided by our partners. If you aren't being offered the maximum number of ads (8+8 = 16), it is likely that our partners have reduced the number of ads they have to offer you. In this case, the counter in the upper right corner of the ad section will not display any remaining ads for you to watch. You may also receive a notification that there are "currently no ads".

The number of ads you're offered by our partners may depend on your location, interests, or other factors. For this reason, it may be that Captain A receives ads to watch while Captain B is not offered any ads.

Furthermore, the number of ads available is always changing. Sometimes if you wait and try again later there will be more ads for you to watch!

If you often find yourself without ads to watch, we can let our partners know. We'll encourage them to increase the number of ads they have to offer you! :)