The Ad Remover can help to eliminate the following types of ads:
- Space Ads that appear upon opening Walkr
- Ads in your notifications.

However, we still offer the opportunity to watch ads to get free energy cubes and food for your planets. Ads in the Daily Gift section are still available for everyone to watch!

If you have purchased the ads remover and still see ads when opening Walkr or in your notifications, please take the steps below:

1. Go to Walkr > Menu > Settings and tap Restore Purchases to restore the Ad Remover.
2. If you continue to see ads, please take a screen shot of the ad and your App Store / Google Play receipt, then send them to us for assistance. We will help ensure your Ad Remover works properly!

*To contact us: Go to Walkr > Menu > Settings > FAQ > Select a category > Select an FAQ > tap the Contact Us button in the top right corner.