iOS and Android handle this situation differently. Please read the information below, according to your device:

* iOS Captains:
After rating Walkr in the App Store you will receive a "Hubble Telescope" satellite. If after rating Walkr the satellite does not unlock on the Satellite page, please tap the Home button on your iPhone twice, then swipe Walkr out of your currently running background apps. You can then re-open Walkr and check the satellites page to see whether it has now been unlocked!

* Android Captains:
Please first swipe Walkr out of your currently running background applications, then re-open Walkr to check and see whether the Hubble Telescope satellite has now been unlocked!

If you've completed the actions above but are still unable to unlock the satellite, this may be because the system has not yet been able to access your rating. Please follow the steps below to solve this issue:
  1. Go to Walkr > Menu > Factory > Satellite
  2. Find the Hubble Telescope, then tap Attach
  3. In the window that pops up, tap Rate It Now
  4. Wait to be transferred to the Google Play Store
  5. Return to the Walkr Satellite page to check whether the Hubble Telescope has now been unlocked