Walkr messages can't be manually deleted. If you're concerned about having too many messages, you can follow the steps below to reinstall Walkr and delete the messages currently in your inbox.

How to Reinstall:
0. Please ensure you have linked Walkr to your email or social media account.
1. Go to Walkr > Menu > Settings > Tap "Sync data" and ensure you see "Data sync completed:" in green with the current date and time.
2. Delete Walkr
3. Reinstall Walkr
4. Complete the tutorial and log in with your preferred social media platform

* Don't worry about losing data with reinstallation! So long as you had already connected Walkr with a social media account, as soon as you log back into the same account all of your data will be immediately restored. However, it's important that you follow the steps above to ensure a complete backup of your data!