Hi Captain,
Don’t worry! Let’s figure out a way to get your data back. Please consider which of the following scenarios best describes your situation and send us a message with the relevant data so we can assist you:

A. If you've logged in before (you were able to see the “Ranking” page before) please provide:

- The approximate date you connected to a social media platform on Walkr
- Your Walkr display name (If you've forgotten, you can either a. ask your friends to check their Walkr friends list and send you a screenshot, or b. provide us with a screenshot of your account name and profile picture from the social media platform your normally use to log in)
- Your Fourdesire ID (FDID) / WID (if you remember it)
- The number, names, and levels of your planets
- The number and levels of your DFRs

Include the information above in a message to us by going to Walkr > Menu > Settings > FAQ & Player Support > Account . Game Data > Tap any FAQ > Tap the chat icon in the upper right corner to contact Customer Service and we'll be able to assist you.

B. If you have never logged in before:

If you had not previously linked Walkr to a social media account (Facebook / Twitter / Weibo / Google) or used your email address to register an account, all previous game data was only saved to your phone. In this case we have no record of your game progress and unfortunately are unable to restore your game data. :(