Since issues with the pedometer can be somewhat complicated, please follow the two steps below and we'll see if we can figure out the problem!
Alright, let's see what we can do!

Step one:
Go to the iPhone Health app and check what it has recorded for your number of steps:
Open the iPhone Health app > Tap Fitness > Tap Steps > Scroll down to tap Display All Data(Please don't restart your phone while doing this step)

*Please select any day to compare directly: Make sure that on the left side for all entries you see the iPhone icon (shown below). If you see an Apple Watch icon for any of the entries, know that these steps won´t be recorded into Walkr. Walkr does not currently support any smartwatches.
Step two:Compare the steps recorded in your iPhone Health app with those you see in Walkr´s Energy Log. There are two possibilities at this point:

A. If the Health app has recorded 0 steps for some days or is otherwise missing a step count for any number of days:

This indicates a problem with your iPhone´s internal pedometer. Please restart your phone to see if that improves the problem so that the Health app begins to record steps again.

Once the Health app starts recording steps, Walkr will immediately be able to read this data and record your steps as well. However, if the Health app goes back to a previous step count, please note that Walkr won´t be able to read or record those previous steps. Thank you for your understanding.

PS. Since Walkr and the Health app both use the iPhone´s internal pedometer chip, if the Health app has any problems, it may mean there is an issue with the pedometer chip itself, in which case Walkr would not be able to obtain your step count. If after restarting your phone you still believe your Apple Health app is not accurately representing the number of steps you take in a given day, we suggest you contact Apple customer support ( ) to resolve this hardware malfunction!

B. The Health app´s step count is greater than Walkr´s

Thanks for your understanding. Since Walkr and the Health app use slightly different counting mechanisms, there is likely to be a small discrepancy between the steps recorded by the Health app and those recorded by Walkr (normally around 500-1000 steps). However, if you find the steps recorded by both apps differ by more than 1000 steps, please:

1. Take a screenshot of the Display All Data page from Step One
2. Tap the Contact Us button in the upper right corner
3. Send us a message indicating your pedometer is inaccurate and attach the screenshot from the Health app
( iPhone Health app > Fitness > Steps > Scroll down to Display All Data)