Each spaceship has different features. If you'd like to see all the features of a ship (speed, storage capacity, special abilities) you can go to:

Menu > Factory > Tap any of the spaceships > Tap Spaceship info

。 Each spaceship has the following features:
1. Speed: The faster your ship, the faster it can fly off to complete delivery missions! (The xxx number in the right of the Speed section [xxx/ooo] is the normal speed of the ship)

2. Boost Speed: On the bottom right corner of the main page is a double arrow, the Boost button. You can use extra energy to increase the speed of your spaceship and reduce the amount of time needed for missions! (The ooo number in the right of the Speed section is the spaceship's Boost speed)

3. Energy Storage Capacity: Each spaceship has a different energy storage capacity. If you love walking, 10,000 units of energy surely isn't enough! You've got to switch to a ship with a higher energy storage capacity!

。 Some spaceships have special abilities:
4. Increase Food Storage Capacity: Sometimes you just need more storage space for food. Spaceships with this special ability can increase its own food storage capacity!

5. Increase DFR Storage: Are you not getting enough food out of even a Lv.8 DFR? Spaceships with this special ability can give you more food without having to build a new DFR! (You can get even more food out of a DFR without increasing its level)

6. Increase Collection Capacity: If epic missions aren't enough, use a ship that can increase your collection capacity and improve your rate of production!