Whenever a friend uses your referral link to download Walkr, your teleporter will charge 3 battery units. If your teleporter isn't charging, it may be that your friend doesn't meet the requirement(s) below. It may also be possible that your friend did not follow the steps below when downloading the app. Please check with your friend to see whether they followed the steps below:

- Never downloaded Walkr before

1. Your friend must first tap the link you provide them (your referral link)
2. The link will trigger the App Store to open and allow your friend to download Walkr.
3. Your friend's phone must be connected to a WiFi or mobile network when opening Walkr for the first time (this is how the system can verify your friend has just downloaded Walkr)

If your friend does not meet the requirement(s) and/or did not follow the above steps when downloading Walkr, your teleporter will not increase its charge:

Please go to Walkr > Menu > Settings > FAQ & Player Support > Tap "Aliens" section > Tap any FAQ > Tap the chat icon in the upper right corner to contact player support. Please describe your issue in detail and provide relevant account information to allow us to better assist you!