First, please note that purchasing the Ad Remover will remove ads in the following two sections of the app:

1. Ads will no longer appear upon opening Walkr
2. Ads will no longer appear in the messages section of the app (except for the rewarded videos provided by the planet creatures!)

However, you will still be able to watch ads in order to obtain rewards within the app (e.g., energy cubes, food, special satellites)!

If you've already bought the Ad Remover but still see ads in either of the two areas in the app:
1. Please go to the Settings page in the Walkr menu and tap Restore Purchases. This should solve the issue!

If you still see ads after tapping Restore Purchases, please get in touch with Customer Service by going to:
Walkr > Menu > Settings > FAQ & Player Support > FAQ > Purchases > tap on any FAQ > then tap the chat icon in the top right corner to provide the following information:

1. Your email receipt from Apple / Google
2. Where you currently see ads
3. A screenshot of the ad you're seeing