Don't worry! So long as you'd logged into a social media account (Facebook / Twitter / Weibo / Google / Email), the system will save all your Walkr game data and link it to your social media account!

However, if you had not linked Walkr to any social media accounts or used email to register an account in Walkr, any previous game data was saved to the phone and not backed up to our system. In this case we are unfortunately unable to restore your data.

If you'd previously linked to a social media account, please use the following steps to restore your game data:

1. Install Walkr and complete the tutorial.

2. Tap a social media platform to log in, and your data will be restored!

3. If your data has not been restored after logging in, please check that you have not actually logged in to a different platform or account than the one you previously linked.

3-1. If you would like to switch to a different account, please see: "How can I change the social media account I link to Walkr?"

If after following the steps above you are still unable to recover your account data, please contact us and include the information below in your message:

1. Your Walkr display name
(if you've forgotten, you can either a. ask your friends to check their Walkr friends list and send you a screenshot, or b. provide us with a screenshot of your account name and profile picture from the social media platform your normally use to log in)

2. Your Fourdesire ID (FDID) / WID

3. The email account you've used previously to link with Walkr

4. Go to Walkr > Menu > Settings > FAQ & Play Support > FAQ > Account . Game Data > Tap any FAQ > Tap the chat icon at the top right to send us a message and provide the information above to assist us in retrieving your account