Hi there! We appreciate your desire to better understand the Fortune City game functionalities. Your citizens are certainly thankful to know their mayor is working so hard for the prosperity of the city! Below are the current uses of diamonds and some ways you can acquire them:

How to Use Diamonds:

1. You can unlock all kinds of special themes to turn the city into your perfect dream town!
2. You can use them to merge buildings (same category, same level) and improve city functionality!
3. You can use them to recruit new and valuable citizens and get their help to accumulate gold coins at a faster rate!

How to Obtain Diamonds:

1. From your daily log-in achievements
2. From different missions within the city
3. From watching ads (max. 8 per day)
4. You can purchase them directly from the store
5. We also will have occasional promotions on our fan page online. Follow us to find out when the next one will be!

Please note: If you purchase diamonds directly from the store and later decide to obtain a refund for the purchase, Fourdesire retains the right to cancel the purchase and adjust the number of diamonds associated with your account!