Hi there, Mayor! We're sure someone as motivated as you has already noticed the "Great Habits" section on the Your City > Achievements page and realized that you must consecutively track spending for a certain number of days to obtain any of these achievements. So, how can one know how many days one's been tracking consecutively?

The city development team has been listening to our mayors! You can now see how many days you've been consecutively tracking expenses directly on the Achievements page. Simply open the main menu and go to Your City > Achievements and you will see a line stating your "longest consecutive days tracking" immediately under the Great Habits section!

Also, if you've forgotten to track expenses on any given day, you can still go back to add the expenses for that day using the calendar function on the expense tracker. Simply tap "No Expenses" to maintain your record for consecutive days tracking!

Let's start today to keep and track expenses daily together!

By the way, if you're concerned about maintaining your consecutive days tracking record even when you haven't made any purchases, please see the following FAQ page: " I did't spend my money on buying anything today, how can I keep the achievement of expenses/incomes records every day?" ( or Click here for more information)