Hello. As users ourselves we're able to understand your pressing concern! Please don't worry. You can follow the instructions below to get a refund for your purchase. You can use either of two methods to receive a refund for your purchase, according to the timing of your purchase:

A) Within 48 hours of purchase, please contact Google Play and follow the tutorial to submit for a refund.

B) If over 48 hours have passed since the purchase was completed, please use the Contact Us button in the upper right corner of this page and send us a message with your order number (in the format: GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345; if you aren't sure of your order number please follow the tutorial) and we will assist you in obtaining a refund!

What if you are an iOS user? Please then see this tutorial.

Please note: As regards the Apple/Google refund process, Fourdesire is unable to guarantee any particular result. In addition, Fourdesire reserves the right to cancel a transaction at any time. If you obtain a refund, we will adjust your diamonds accordingly.

We know nobody likes going through an extensive refund process! However, if you are concerned about an accident causing the need for a refund, please see the following FAQ page: How can I avoid accidentally making a purchase? (or Click here for more information)