Hi Mayor! Even if you're someone who frequently goes abroad, now frequent flyers and travel lovers alike can use Fortune City to easily convert currencies when tracking expenses:

1. Go to Settings > Accounts Settings
2. Select any of the accounts you'd like to edit, or tap the + in the upper right corner to add an account.
3. Set the Account Currency of your choice (only one per account)

Once you've set an account currency, any expenses you track using it will automatically be recorded using that currency. For example, if you set the account currency for your "USA Trip" account to USD, all expenses tracked with this account will be logged using USD. You are welcome to change the account currency at any time by tapping Account Currency in the bottom left corner of a record.

Unlike in previous versions, tapping the currency settings in the lower left corner will not affect the currency used as your Display Currency (the one you see in all of Fortune City's analyses, for a more detailed explanation please see the FAQ page below). The currency settings in the expense tracker will only affect the account currency currently in use! Continuing with that example above, if you were to use your "USA Trip" account and then tap the bottom left corner to change the currency to Euros, the currencies used for other accounts (e.g., cash, credit card) will not be affected!

Furthermore, changing the account currency will not affect expenses previously recorded with that account. This means, if you were to record a $2 lunch using your USA Trip account, even if you were to later change the account currency to Euros this record would still show up as a $2 lunch!

Finally, if you want to know more about the display currency and account currency settings and how they're different, please check out the following FAQ page: What is Display Currency? How can I set it? ( or Click here for more information )