Hi Mayor! If you're the kind of Mayor that loves traveling abroad, you probably know what it's like to constantly have to mentally convert between different currencies whenever you want to make a purchase or control your spending! Well, now all you have to do is set up your Display Currency in Fortune City and you won't have to worry about these kinds of things anymore:

1. Go to Settings > Display Currency
2. Select the currency you're most familiar with
3. Now whenever you're using Fortune City, it doesn't matter what currency you record your expenses with. The game's interface will do the converting for you, so you will see the same currency displayed everywhere! (See picture below.)

For example, If your display currency is set to NT$, even if you record an expense in an account set to use USD, like a $2 lunch, Fortune City will show the total as a NT$62 lunch on the expense tracker page (using your display currency). That way you won't have to convert all of your expense totals on your own!

Finally, if you want to know more about the Display Currency and Account Currency settings and how they're different, please check out the following FAQ page: I travel often and use different currencies to make purchases, but I still want to track my expenses. What should I do? (Account Currency) (or Click here for more information)