Are you still deciding whether you should subscribe to CFO 2.0 and take the next step in managing your personal finances? Read below to find out more about 7 features that have been specially designed just for you, now available with a Chief Financial Officer 2.0 subscription.
1. Intelligent spending monitor: automatically indicates which of your monthly expenses have drastically changed
2. Flexible expense tracking: In addition to tracking certain categories of expenses, you will also be able to follow specific transactions so you can find out about overspending as soon as it happens.
3. Detailed spending analysis: see the transactions causing the biggest changes in spending within specific categories
4. Practical expense categories: easily distinguish between “wants” and “needs” as well as “expenses” and  “investments” to better understand your current financial situation at a glance and identify specific areas where you can save.

5. Customizable budget settings: freely set yearly, monthly, and weekly budgets for each of the various categories
6. Friendly reminders: Receive notifications when spending reaches 20% ,5% and 0% of your total monthly budget for a given category.

7. Fun spending challenges: periodically displays your highest expense total and frequency based on your past transaction history, indicates specific transactions where you can save, and helps you set spending challenge goals for even more motivation to reach your savings goals.

After learning more about its special features, are you ready to subscribe now and benefit from all CFO 2.0 has to offer? Check out the Chief Financial Officer 2.0 Subscription Discounts page to learn more!