Hi Mayor,

You can follow the instructions bellow to add new income:

1. Tap the +New Record on the main page
2. Tap the gold piggy bank icon to change the category to Income
3. Enter the amount and adjust the smart note to Salary (for recurring income)

Just like that you can add a recurring salary to your records!

In addition, you can create your own income categories to match your own unique situation. For example, if you would like to keep track of income from your investments, you can create a new category to do so:

1. Go to Settings > Categories
2. Tap the + in the upper right corner
3. Enter the name of the new category
4. Select an icon (at the very bottom, select the income icon) and tap the √
5. Tap Save

Just like that, you can set up your own category to keep track of all your investments or any other special income!