Hello Mayor,

Please follow the instructions below and see whether you can successfully solve the issue:

A. If your version is below 3.6.5:
Please update to version 3.6.5. Note: since the new version is phrase released, if you can not find the new version, please hold down few days.

B. If you are on the version 3.6.5:
Please rest your App with the following 3 steps and see whether you can solve the issue afterwards.
1. Go to Settings> Click on "Data backup"
2. Confirm seeing the popping message "Backup successful"
3. reinstall Fortune City and log in again

C. If you are on version 3.6.5 and you have tried step B but failed to solve the issue:
Please send us a message with the attachment of your mission dialogue. If time permitted, please record the issue with screen recording app and then upload the video to any Cloud storage space and share the link with us. Or you may send to service@fourdesire.com