Hi Mayor! If you've linked your Fortune City account with a social media account, all of your data is safely stored within our system. Don't worry! Please provide the following information to help us retrieve your account:
(If you've only lost a portion of your informaiton, please see "After logging in, some of my data is missing."

Please tap the Contact Us button in the top right corner and provide the following information:
a. How you realized the account you logged into isn't yours (please provide detailed steps)
b. The following information for your account:
  • FCID (your original account's FCID, not the FCID you see currently)
  • Email (please provide the email you used with Fortune City)
  • A screenshot of the social media account you linked to Fortune City (including name and photo, to ensure we identify the correct account)
  • Approximately when did you begin using the app? (yyyy/mm/dd)
  • Your City Hall levels
If you've forgotten any of the above information, it's okay. The more you can provide, however, the easier we will be able to assist you in retrieving your account.