SPARKFUL is committed to providing a better user experience, and this issue may be due to unstable network connections or the exhaustion of advertisements from the current advertiser. Typically, waiting a few minutes should restore the ability to view ads. If the issue persists after multiple attempts, please consider the following solutions.

  1. First, please update the app to the latest version.
  2. If you reside in the "European Economic Area," go to "Settings > Menu > Manage Personalized Ad." Click on "Manage Personalized Ad," and when the dialog box appears, select "Consent" to agree to advertisers providing more personalized ads.

Additionally, as ads are provided by advertising partners, when the number of ads from partners decreases, the remaining ad count may not be displayed. Alternatively, clicking on the ad field may show "No ads currently available."

The quantity of ads is subject to change, so sometimes, simply waiting and then clicking on the ad field again may reveal available ads. Ad partners may provide ads based on user information such as location and preferences, so it's possible that User A has ads while User B does not – this is a situation that can occur.