Thank you for joining us in lighting up life with fun! When you activate your subscription/trial to SPARKFUL Subscription, you can unlock the subscription services of the following products, including:


Ad-free experience in SPARKFUL apps keeps you focus on joyous gameplay

Plant Nanny

Stay hydrated with the adorable plants!

  • All 54+ plants
  • All 7+ plant personalities
  • All 5+ buddies
  • All 7+ dialog bubbles
  • All alert sounds
  • 2x rewards in Expedition H2O
  • Plant names in Green House
  • Customizable daily goal
  • Customizable reminders
  • Customizable bedtime
  • Widget shortcut (only iOS)


Walk more in the vast universe

  • All 12+ Monthly Asteroid Belts
  • Extra co-pilot seat with an 80% conversion rate
  • 1/2 spaceship explore time

Book Morning!

Wake up every day with original stories

  • Full access to 3 original stories, including "Far as Cielo", "The Last Cat Alive", and "No Place Like Home".

To-do Adventure

Keep track of the day's tasks and make life an adventure!

  • Access to all exclusive themes to boost productivity

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Additional Information:

  • Some products have not been licensed globally, so specific products might not be available in certain regions. If you encounter any issues with subscription features, please contact our customer service.
  • The subscription plan and the 'Ads Remover' currently do not eliminate rewarded ads. Rewarded ads are a type where users watch an ad in exchange for a reward.