Dear Plant Nanny Community,

We want to start this announcement with a heartfelt thank you. Your support and love for Plant Nanny have been the driving force behind our continued growth and innovation. Today, we're reaching out to share important news regarding our SPARKFUL Subscription plan.

Regional Price Adjustment in 2024

Beginning January 1, 2024, the pricing for the SPARKFUL Subscription will be adjusted in select countries. This change is part of our commitment to enhance your experience. By making this adjustment, we are reaffirming our promise to continuously improve and enrich our services, ensuring that Plant Nanny always offers the best to its cherished community.

Commitment to Enhancement

While this price adjustment is region-specific, our dedication to improving Plant Nanny for all users remains global. Our goal is to make cultivating healthier drinking habits both beneficial and fun. With these upcoming changes, we're bringing features that are not only delightful but also add tangible value to your daily routine.

Continued Support and Feedback

Your input has been invaluable in shaping Plant Nanny. We invite you to continue sharing your thoughts with us here. Your feedback helps us improve and grow.

Revised Pricing Details

  • Monthly Plan:

  • TWD: From 240 to 290

  • JPY: From 880 to 1200

  • KRW: From 9900 to 11000

  • CNY (iOS only): From 53 to 58

  • EUR: From 7.99 to 8.99

  • GBP: From 6.99 to 7.99

  • AUD: From 11.49 to 12.99

  • Annual Plan:

  • TWD: From 2090 to 2290

  • JPY: From 7600 to 10000

  • KRW: From 86000 to 99000

  • CNY (iOS only): From 458 to 498

  • EUR: From 73 to 79.99

  • GBP: From 60.99 to 69.99

  • AUD: From 98.99 to 99.99

When subscription price is scheduled to increase, you'll be notified before it occurs by email, push notification, and in-app notices. (App Store Support, Google Play Support))