If you've previously logged into SPARKFUL but are unable to do so now, please ensure you're using the same method as before.

If you encounter the error "The user has already linked this type of provider" …

It means that your third-party account email has been used to create a SPARKFUL account, which is already linked to another account under the same third-party login mehtod.

SPARKFUL only allows to link one account per third-party login method.

In this case, you can log in using your email instead:

  1. Delete and reinstall app, choose email login.
  2. Enter your third-party account email
  3. You may have no password set, click "Forgot Password" to reset.
  4. Reset password, return to the app, log in with email and new password.

You should be able to log in again. To avoid this issue in the future, you can:

  1. Tap your avatar, and go to "Edit Profile"
  2. Disconnect your social account.
  3. Connect to your current social account again.

If you encounter the error "Invalid provider for sign-up" …

This error indicates that the third-party method you're currently using to log in is no longer allowed to create new SPARKFUL accounts.

You can register a new account using a different third-aprty login method, or switch back to the previous social account in your default browser to log in to SPARKFUL Apps.

If you find that the current social account you're using to log in is not the one you want:

  1. Open your phone's default browser (typically Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android) and go to the social media website, such as Facebook, Google, Weibo, or Twitter.
  2. Log out of the existing account on that social media website and log in with the account you want.
  3. Go back to the app and try logging in again.