Hi Gardener,

Your flowerpot on the main page must be empty for you to select a new plant to grow. There are two ways to change out a plant once you've started growing one:

1. If your plant is fully grown, you can place it in the greenhouse. The flowerpot on the main page will then be empty, and you can scroll left or right to select a new plant to grow!
2. If your plant hasn't finished growing but you would like to change it, you must first delete the current plant.

For a list of all the different plants you could grow, check out the Plants page! (See image below.)

Note 1: Each plant requires a different number of seeds. If you don't have enough seeds to select the plant you wish to grow, you can use cash to supplement number of seeds you need.

Note 2: To learn more about how to delete a plant, please see this FAQ!