We’ve found in some specific situations, certain Android operating systems, third-party apps, or Android device models may prevent Plant Nanny² from sending notifications and reminding you to drink! Here are some simple instructions that may help you to troubleshoot the issue you’re facing. If you need any assistance along the way, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

*Issues with Android operating systems:

If your phone’s operating system is Android version 6.0.1 or higher, the Battery Optimization or Adaptive Battery features may be the issue behind the problem:

Android version 6.0.1+
1. Go to device Settings > select Battery 
2. Select Battery Optimization 
3. Tap the dropdown menu and choose All apps
4. Tap Plant Nanny², then tap Don't optimize

Android version 7+
1. Go to device Settings > select Apps > Plant Nanny²
2. Tap on Battery > Battery Optimization
3. Select the Apps not optimized option and change it to All apps
4. Find Plant Nanny², and set it to Don't optimize

Android version 9
1. Go to device Settings > Select Battery
2. Select Adaptive Battery
3. Tap Restricted apps, and make sure Plant Nanny² is not listed

*Issues with third-party apps:

Security Master
1. Go to Security Master > Notification Cleaner
2. Tap the gear icon 
3. Make sure that Plant Nanny² is not restricted and listed under Apps - Notifications Allowed

Clean Master
1. Go to Clean Master > Tools
2. Tap Notification Cleaner > Tap the gear icon
3. Stop this feature for Plant Nanny², or for all notifications

If you have tried the methods above but still can’t get notifications, please refer to the following FAQ page to see whether it is your device preventing you from getting the reminders from us!

Android device models:
2. Huawei
4. OnePlus