Not getting notifications from Plant Nanny²? Here are some Android devices known to have issues with Plant Nanny² notifications. Please refer to the following instructions to troubleshoot the problems!


A: Allow Plant Nanny² to run at startup

1. Go to device Settings > Permissions
2. Tap on Manage Auto Launch
3. Toggle Plant Nanny² to allow

B: Make sure Plant Nanny² is a protected app

1. Go to device Settings  > Battery
2. Tap Power saving management > App Protection
3. Toggle Plant Nanny² to allow protection

Note: If you have turned on Lock Screen Cleanup and Ultra Long Standby during Sleep, you have to turn them off to receive notifications from Plant Nanny². 

Allow Plant Nanny² to auto-start

1. Go to device Settings > Power Manager
2. Tap on Background app management
3. Switch Plant Nanny²  to Allow auto-start