Not getting notifications from Plant Nanny²? Please refer to the following instructions to troubleshoot the problem!

A: Make sure Plant Nanny² is a protected app

1. Go to device Settings > Advanced Settings
2. Tap on Battery Manager > Protected Apps
3. Set Plant Nanny² to enable protection

B: Make sure Plant Nanny² is not managed by your battery optimization

1. Go to device Settings > Battery > Energy Saver
2. Tap on Plant Nanny² 
3. Set Freeze when in Background, Abnormal Apps Optimization and Doze to disabled

C: Allow notifications from Plant Nanny²

1. Go to device Settings > Notification Panel & Status Bar > Notification Center
2. Find Plant Nanny² and activate allow notifications and priority display

D: Make sure that Plant Nanny² is set to auto-launch

1. Go to device Security > Privacy Permissions > Start up manager
2. Tap on Plant Nanny² and enable it to launch automatically