Since our Garden Development team would like to make Plant Nanny²'s user interface as sleek as possible and make water recording easy, gardeners cannot currently edit or see previous days' records. However, as an alternative, we suggest you allow Plant Nanny² to sync its records with Apple Health. This way you are able to see, edit, and track your water intake in the Apple Health app. Please refer to the following instructions:

1. Go to Settings (the 1st button on the bottom right)
2. Tap on “Sync to Health”
3. Give permission to Plant Nanny² to write data (if you haven’t already)

This way, every time you log your water intake, the record will be synced to the Apple Health app so that you will be able to see more detailed water intake information! If you want to add a record, you can:

1. Go to the Apple Health app > tap Water
2. Tap Add at the upper right to add the record

If you want to delete a specific record, you can:

1. Go to the Apple Health app > tap Water
2. Tap Show All Data
3. Tap Edit at the upper right and select the record(s) you wish to delete

Note: If you currently do not see a Water section on the Summary page of your Apple Health app, you must first add it to your Favorites! Search for Water on the Browse tab, then tap Water and select Add to Favorites. You should now be able to see Water on the Summary page!