Hi, Gardener!

We're so happy to see you've joined us with Plant Nanny². As for how to transfer the data from Plant Nanny to Plant Nanny², there's something I'd like to share with you. The thing is, Plant Nanny² is not an updated version of Plant Nanny, but rather a brand new product. There are some considerable differences in how Plant Nanny and Plant Nanny² were designed. As such, unfortunately you won't be able to carry or sync your plants or seeds from Plant Nanny to Plant Nanny².

We know how sad and hard it must be for you to say goodbye to your virtual friends in Plant Nanny, but you can think of it as a new start -- we introduce even more cute characters in Plant Nanny²! We'll be working to create all kinds of exciting content in Plant Nanny² to bring you even more cute plants.

Hope this helps, and welcome to Plant Nanny²!