Hi Gardener,

Thanks for asking! There are two things that may help address your concern:

1. First, the Health Goals achievements on the Badges page is calculated based on the number of consecutive days you've reached your daily goal. For example, if you've reached your daily goal 41 days in a row but miss it on the 42nd day, your highest achievement in the Health Goals section will be the Monthly Challenge quest. The next time you reach your daily goal for more than 41 consecutive days, you will have the chance to achieve the next Health Goals quest!

2. If you notice you aren't making progress in the Health Goals quests, it may be that you've missed your daily goal at some point. Go to the Records page (the 4th icon from the left) and check the bar graph at the top to see how much water you've had each day on record. Take a look to see if you've reached 100% of your daily goal for each day. If you haven't that's likely why you aren't achieving more and more Health Goals. But don't be discouraged! All your hard work isn't for nothing! Keep cultivating good water drinking habits and your body will continue to become more hydrated and healthier!