With the release of Version 4.0 on iOS and Android platforms, The Garden Team is happy to announce the new Daily Hydration subscription plan including the following 8 features:


These plants are bubbling with personality! Let them encourage, support, and accompany you on your journey to become healthier and more hydrated! Your personal interactions with these plants are sure to make you look forward to drinking water each and every day!

Special Plants

Add some flair to ordinary plants for something even more extraordinary! Collect them all!

Free Plants

Free select plants only for subscribers! Save your seeds for other things and plant select plants for free!

Plant Namecards

Give your plants their own unique names! After moving plants to the greenhouse you'll be able to display them with your own personalized namecards.

Ad Remover

Remove all ads in Plant Nanny²! Don't worry, you'll still have the chance to watch ads for rewards (with the ladybug or for free clovers).

Brand new plants (3rd generation)

Exclusive plants just for the subscribers specially designed by Garden Development team are waiting for Principals with brand new looks! Plant them now!

Customize Daily Goal

Different from the automatic setting from the system in the past, now we provide more customized service for you to set your own Daily Goal. Goals can be flexible and designed to fit your life style.

Customize my bed time

Customized the data update time according to your bed time. Trace how you are drinking water more efficiently no matter you are an early bird or a night owl.

Fashionable Widget

For Pincipals who has joined the subscription plan, Widget with graph and plant style are available for you to manage the growth of your plants and to remind oneself for a cup of water.

Monthly Limited Plant

The Garden Development Team designs one special plant each month with all their hearts! Monthly Limited Plant changes every month. Once you've missed it, you won't see it again! Come and collect them now!


Planting limited plants can be accumulated in collection to unlock new Buddys. Besides accompanying Gardeners to drink water on the main screen, Buddys will also send gifts to those who are actively cultiving healthy hydration habits!