Please make sure you've linked Plant Nanny² to a social media account on your old phone before switching to a new one. If you're already subscribed to a Daily Hydration Plan, regardless of whether you're using Android or iOS you can simply log back into your account in the app and your subscription will resume so you can continue accessing all of Daily Hydration Plan's features.

How to link to a social media account

1. Tap the Settings button (gear icon) in the menu
2. Tap Link Account under Account Settings
3. Select the platform you'd like to link and tap Link

Please note, if you switch phones and would like to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your Daily Hydration Plan subscription you will need to do so manually! For example, if you're using an iOS phone with a Daily Hydration Plan subscription and switch to an Android phone you will need to make subscription adjustments using the platform associated with your original phone (iOS)!