Once your Daily Hydration Plan subscription has ended all subscription-only features will be locked.


1. Plants will no longer display their personalities and you will be unable to interact with them, including emojis, bubbles, and dialogues.
2. The system will not save progress on your plants' personalities. If you decide to resubscribe, these will be reset.

Special Plants

1. You will be unable to select special plants, but any special plants you've already collected will remain.
2. Special plants in the greenhouse will be saved
3. Special plants will remain visible in your handbook

Free Plants

1. You will be unable to obtain free select plants

Plant Namecards

1. Plants in the greenhouse will no longer show their namecards

Ad Remover

1. Ads in the following places will once again be visible:
- On the greenhouse page
- On the Water Records page
- On the Handbook page
- On the Creatures page
- On the Badges page