The Garden Development team has added the widget function so Pincipals can manage their water-drinking easier. Please note that the Widget is available only on iOS system. Make sure your device is updated to iOS 14.0.1 or later version and Plant Nanny² is updated to 4.2.1 or later version. To set up, follow the steps below:

1. Touch and hold Widget or an empty space on Home screen until the apps start to wiggle.
2. Tap "add" on upper left corner.
3. Select Plant Nanny² Widget and tap "add widget"
4. Tap "Done"

Note: Widget has two styles -- Graph and Plant. For Principals who have not subscribed to Daily Drinking plan, graph style is available. For those who have subscribed, both styles will be available. If you have not subscribed, feel free to take a look at this article: (How do I purchase subscription plans?)