Please follow the steps below to claim rewards:
1. Enter your reward code at Fourdesire Reward Claiming Page
2. Enter your Fourdesire ID (How to check my Fourdesire ID?)
3. Rewards claimed successfully! The rewards are now in your account.
4. Open Fourdesire apps and enter the Setting page
5. Select “Claim Rewards” for the rewards.
During the claiming stage, the following error codes might appear:
1. 32001/33004: Code non-existed. Please check whether the code is entered correctly and without any space.
2. 33002: Fourdesire ID non-existed. Please check whether the Fourdesire ID is entered correctly or just copy and paste your Fourdesire id. (How to check my Fourdesire ID?)
3. 33001: This code has been claimed, please follow the steps above to claim your rewards.
4. 33006: You don’t meet the requirements for this reward. But don’t despair! We host various activities on our social media accounts, please follow our social media accounts and get the most updated information to our campaigns!