Once you've finished a goal you've set in To-Do Adventure you'll earn a landmark unique to the theme you're using. There are two kinds of goals in the app. The first kind are set for you automatically by Ticktail. For example, "complete 1 task per day" or "complete all tasks for the day." These aren't reset on review day, so whenever you reach your goal you'll be able to get your landmark! To reach the second kind of goal, you can choose to "watch 100 ads." Once you've reached this goal, you'll get a special landmark!

Once you claim your landmark, you'll be able to set a new goal. If you're watching ads, your progress will automatically restart from 0. Please note that your progress only resets once you've claimed your landmark. Be sure to claim your landmark to ensure your progress resets and any additional ads you watch are counted towards a new landmark! Once you claim a landmark, you can choose whether to construct it in your current plan or a future plan. The landmark will match whichever theme you decide to construct it in.