Tap "More Settings" when adding a new task to customize settings for repeated tasks.

Tasks are set as "doesn't repeat" by default. To set a task that will recur at regular intervals, for example every Monday you need to remember to take out the trash, you can select "Weekly - Monday". However, if a recurring task becomes overdue, you can choose to automatically "delay" the task (the pre-set default) or automatically cancel the task. Automatically delayed tasks will be delayed to the following day. This setting works well for tasks that are easy to catch up on, for example studying new vocabulary words, a 30 minute jog, or taking out the trash. Tasks that are automatically canceled will be marked as "canceled" if not completed by the day they are due. This setting works well for tasks that can't be made up, for example taking medicine, drinking 9 cups of water, etc. Please note, if you do not complete a repeated task on time and set its status to "canceled", the system will prompt you to decide whether all future tasks should be set to automatically cancel once they become overdue. Feel free to select the option that works best for you.