According to Fourdesire's refund policy, you can apply for a refund within 7 days of purchase. However, in order for your refund to be accepted you must have not yet used the GoCoins to purchase any theme(s). Fourdesire purchase support is provided via the app store on your device. To apply for a refund, please follow the instructions below according to the device you used to make the purchase:

iOS - Apple iTunes

- Within 7 days of purchase, go to the Apple Report a Problem website and sign in with your Apple ID
- Select "Purchase History" and find the item you wish to refund
- Tap "Report" and enter the reason for your request, then tap "Submit"
- Please check your email to confirm your refund has been issued (some requests will take a number of hours to process)

Note: The second and further times you request a refund will need to be manually reviewed and are often not granted automatically. In this case, we suggest you email Apple support to discuss your request with them directly.

Android - Google Play Store

- If you are within 48 hours of purchase, open the Google Play Store and ensure you are logged into the correct account
- Select Account from the menu (use the ≡ icon to the left of the search bar to access the menu)
- Select Purchase History at the top and locate the purchase you wish to refund
- Select the appropriate reason for the refund and complete the required information
- Please check your email to confirm your refund has been issued

Note: If over 48 hours have passed since your purchase, please contact the Island Support team within the To-Do Adventure app:

1. Go to the Menu page within the app, then select the Settings tab
2. Tap FAQ
3. Tap Contact Us in the upper right corner