If you believe Walkr isn't accurately recording your steps, please consider the following:

1. Check Walkr's Settings in the app

Walkr > Menu > Settings > Confirm "Activity Tracking" is set to ON

2. Check your iPhone's Health and Fitness

iPhone > Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness > Ensure that Walkr is enabled

3. Check the steps recorded in your iPhone's Health app: Do they include steps recorded with multiple devices?

iPhone > Health app > Today > Steps (Not running + walking distance) > Scroll down and tap Show All Data > Tap on any day and check: is your iPhone the only source listed?

If you see your watch listed as a source, these steps will not have been recorded in Walkr. Walkr does not currently support smartwatch pedometers!

4. Check whether the iPhone Health app is recording 0 steps

If the Health app records 0 steps on a given day, or if there aren't records for certain days, this may be why your iPhone is having trouble recording your steps. Please restart your phone and see whether your Health app has updated your recorded number or steps.

Walkr uses the steps recorded in your iPhone's Health app. However if the Health app restores data from previous days, Walkr will not be able to access this data. Unfortunately, Walkr will not be able to update any previous steps accordingly.

If you have restarted your phone and still believe the steps recorded in your Health app are inaccurate, we suggest you contact Apple support (https://getsupport.apple.com/?caller=cups) to resolve the issue directly!

PS: Since Walkr uses the iPhone's Health app pedometer to track your steps, if the Health app (pre-installed on your iPhone) is experiencing any issues there may be a problem with your phone's pedometer. In that case, Walkr will not be able to accurately record your steps.

5. Check the steps recorded in your iPhone Health app: Number of recorded steps is greater than in Walkr

Please note that the way steps are recorded in Walkr is not exactly the same as in the Health app. There will likely be a small difference (around 1,000 steps). Steps recorded in Walkr will take precedence in this case.

However, if you notice a difference of more than 1,000 steps between the two apps, please consider the following:

a. Take a screenshot of the total number of steps in the Health app (see step 3 above)
b. Go to Walkr > Menu > Settings >FAQ & Player Support > Tap any category > Tap any FAQ > Tap the chat icon in the upper right corner
c. Describe your issue and why you believe your recorded steps are inaccurate and attach the screenshot from your Health app