Hi there! We appreciate your desire to better understand the Walkr game functionalities. You're clearly an intergalactic explorer as unique as the universe! Below are the current uses of energy cubes and some ways you can obtain them:

How to use energy cubes:

  1. Use them to unlock all kinds of special features and cool spaceships. Please go to the Main Menu > Factory, then scroll down to check them out!
  2. Speed up the planets/DFR production to take important actions at key moments!
  3. Increase the speed at which you discover new planets, allowing you to discover mysterious planets before those other captains around you!

How to obtain energy cubes:

  1. From your daily log-in achievements
  2. From planetary delivery missions
  3. From watching ads (max. 8 per day)
  4. From unlocking missions. Go to the Missions page at the top right corner of the main menu to check them out!
  5. From epics (After successfully completing your first epic, you will be able to obtain energy cubes starting with your second epic.)
  6. You can purchase them directly from the store
  7. We also have occasional promotions on our fan page online. Follow us to find out when the next one will be! SPARKFUL Facebook

Please note: If you purchase energy cubes directly from the store and later decide to obtain a refund for the purchase, SPARKFUL retains the right to cancel the purchase and adjust the number of energy cubes associated with your account!