To find friends using Walkr go to Social > Ranking > Find Friends, then enter your friend's name to search.

If you are unable to find friends using this method, please consider the following:

Q1: Have you correctly entered your friend's name?

A1: To ensure we can find your friend's account, please be certain you have entered your friend's name correctly and completely.

Q2. If you've entered the friend's full name and are still unable to find them, have you sent this person a friend request in the past?

A2: If you have previously sent a friend request, you will be unable to search for this friend again. This is to prevent users from receiving multiple (bothersome) requests.

Q3. If you've already sent a request, has your friend accepted the request?

A3:If you have already sent a request and the person still does not appear on your friends list, it's possible they haven't accepted your request yet. Please ask the friend to go to:

Social > Ranking > Tap the envelope icon (there should be a red number in the top right corner of the envelope) > Find your name > Tap the checkmark to accept your friend request.