You can only recruit and add new members at the "create a space fleet" stage! (For more information about the roles and abilities of fleet captain and fleet members, please see "Adding Fleet Members" below.)

If the fleet captain has not launched the fleet, and your captain has enabled the "allow fleet members to invite friends" option, you can go to Epics > Members and tap the "+" button next to an empty field in the member list to send an invitation to your friend.

To ensure fairness in the game, no new member can be added once a fleet has launched. Therefore, waiting for more members to join at the beginning can increase the speed of your space fleet once you take off!

*Adding Fleet Members: Depending on the captain's settings, there can be three options:

  • Public fleets: only the fleet captain can add new members using using the system. If you are a member and would like to invite friends to the same public fleet, you may ask your friends to search for the captain's name to find the fleet.

  • Invite-only fleets: If the fleet captain has set the fleet to allow members to invite friends, you can use the "+" button to invite friends to your fleet. However, if the fleet captain has disallowed members from inviting friends to the fleet, only the captain will be able to invite new members.

  • Lab-only fleets: If the fleet captain has enabled this setting, the fleet will not appear in the public list of fleets in the game and will only appear within a lab. Otherwise, invitation restrictions are the same as invitation-only fleets. So, if the captain has enabled the "allow invitation by members" setting, you will be able to use the "+" button to invite your friends to the fleet, even if they are not yet a member of your lab.