The energy your copilot gains is equal to the energy you generate.

  • This includes: energy you generate from walking, energy added as a bonus using the booster, the bonus you earn every 5,000 steps which doubles your energy, and any energy from using a special spaceship.
  • This does not include: energy you gain from other copilots.

The maximum amounts of energy that can be transfered is calculated in the Bridge and depends on the spaceships you use.

For example:

  • Captain A and Captain B are copilots, and both set to transfer 50% of their energy.
  • Captain A is using the Probe (Capacity: 70,000 units of energy)
  • Captain B is using the SS Doggii (Capacity: 50,000 units of energy)


  • If Captain A were to generate 60,000 units of energy, Captain B would receive 60,000*50% = 30,000 units of energy. However, since Captain B's spaceship has a limited volume, in this case only 25,000 units of energy would be transferred at once.
  • After Captain B collects 25,000 units of energy and reopens Walkr, the remaining 5,000 units of energy will be transfered (30,000 - 25,000 = 5,000).
  • If Captain B generates 50,000 units of energy, Captain A would receive 50,000*50% = 25,000 units of energy. Although Captain A's spaceship can contain 70,000*50% = 35,000 units of energy, Captain A will still only be able to receive 25,000 units of energy from Captain B!