If you love to walk, you've got energy to spend! It'd be a waste to just have it disappear out into the universe! Use the energy converter slots to increase your energy storage capacity!

energy storage capacity

The number in the upper right corner is the total energy value. The number in the bottom right corner is the energy conversion rate.

  • Go to: Walkr > Menu > Factory > Add a ship to the energy slot
  • Additional energy storage = original energy storage of the ship in the slot X conversion rate

For example: If you are using SS Doggii, a spaceship with 50,000 units of energy and you then put another ship with a 10,000 unit storage capacity into the energy slot (30% conversion rate), SS Doggii will get 3,000 extra units of energy storage capacity for a total of 53,000 units.

*Maximum 3 slots available