The more planets you explore, the longer it takes to discover new ones! What can be done? Well, you can use the Explore converter slot to increase your exploration speed, of course!

explore slot

Before you go to explore new planets, go to Walkr > Menu > Factory > and add a spaceship to the Explore slot on the spaceship page > Then go back to the main page and start your journey to a new planet. The time it takes to explore will be reduced!
(Note: You must put a spaceship in this slot before sending one to explore in order to take advantage of reduced exploration time!)

How to ensure exploration time has been shortened:

First, before a ship has been placed in the Explore slot and before sending any spaceships off to explore, go to Explore > open the list of explorable planets > Look in the upper right corner to see the expected exploration time. Then return to the Spaceships page and place a ship in the Explore slot. Go back to the main page and begin exploring a new planet. You will see the amount of time expected to explore it has been reduced!